June 19, 2024

Emotionally Empowered: Nurturing Your Mental Well-being w/ Dr. Shahana Alibhai

Do you want to feel a greater sense of fulfillment in your life and enhance your well-being journey? Nurturing your mental and emotional health is a great place to start. Listen to this empowering interview with Dr. Shahana Alibhai, a professional speaker, family physician, mom and mental health expert. Dr. Shahana has worked with organizations like the University of British Columbia and Scotiabank, and is the medical director at one of British Columbia's largest youth health centers. She’s known for her TEDx talk "Emotional Literacy for Better Mental Health" and her expertise on the topics of postpartum anxiety, cognitive behavioral therapy, and mindfulness meditation. Unlock your potential and the reality of your perceptions to find more connectedness, joy, and longevity. Connect with Dr. Shahana @thedrshahana and order her book “Feel Better: How Understanding Your Emotional Palette Can Keep You From Getting Swept Away” on drshahana.com